our story

We, Sonia and Sadaf, are sisters with Iranian roots. Although we have been living in Germany for more than 15 years, we still feel strongly connected with the women in our birth-town Tehran. During our regular visits we are always impressed by our friends unique gift to combine design, fabrics and heritage. Their style is colorful, vibrant and elegant – creating a one of a kind style that is uniquely Tehran.

On hodhod we are therefore providing you with a selection of unique Manteaus, shoes and accessories. All of these products are being designed and created by talented female designers and artists from Tehran. We created hodhod as a space to empower the economic participation and visibility of Iranian female entrepreneurs. Moreover we want to boost cultural exchange and bring people together to share their experiences and stories.

We think it is about time to give these outstanding female designers an international platform, by bringing the cosmopolitan style of Tehran to the world – starting in Berlin. With our platform hodhod* we are aiming to support artists and designers from Iran to introduce their skills, crafts and unique products to a wider audience.