hand-embroidered tassel earrings
hand-embroidered tassel earrings

hand-embroidered tassel earrings

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Material: Baluchi Embroidery textile, brass

Size: 7 cm (length)

As they are made by hand the two parts are not identical to one another, adding to the interesting design that will give a standout finish to your everyday look.
This is a bespoke one-off pair measuring approximately 7 cm in total length and 4.5 cm wide with a soft black leather backing.

This collection is inspired by Iranian traditional needlework from areas Turkmen and Sistan Baluchestan. Needlework is the art of drawing images on plain fabrics. Colorful threads are gracefully woven into the textile using very thin needles.

All patterns and colors are handmade by women from Turkmen and Sistan Baluchestan. The motives and needlework techniques are created and developed by Maryam. The accessories are very popular with Tehran’s women.